Required Documents

You must bring the following 19 original documents relevant to your application, along with the required number of photocopies noted, at the time of your initial interview.  The photocopies must be of the original document and should not be enlarged or reduced (except for copies of college degrees larger than 8½” x 11”).  Small documents, like Social Security cards and Driver’s Licenses, should be centered in the middle of the page.  All documents must reflect the name and date of birth as shown on your Birth Certificate or Marriage License.  Please scroll down on the page to see the complete list of all 19 original documents:

  1. Original certified Birth Certificate from the Bureau of Vital Statistics. (plus 3 photocopies)
  2. Original high school diploma or high school transcript or GED. (plus 2 photocopies)
  3. Certified college transcript from each college attended. (sealed originals)
  4. Original college degree (if applicable). (plus 2 photocopies)
  5. Original Naturalization Papers (if applicable). (plus 3 photocopies)
  6. Original U.S. Military DD-214 (member 4 or service 2) for all past and current active duty status, if applicable (plus 3 photocopies)
  7. Original National Guard NGB-22 (if applicable). (plus 3 photocopies)
  8. Original Divorce Petition and Final Divorce Decree (if applicable). (plus1 photocopy of each)
  9. Valid Driver's License with current address or receipt for change of address or renewal. If married, it must be in your married name. (3 photocopies of Driver’s License plus 1 photocopy of the Driver’s License and Social security card on the same page)
  10. Original Social Security card or receipt for duplicate request; must have correct spelling of your name, and if married, it must have your married name. (plus 3 photocopies)
  11. Original Proof of Liability Insurance. Must be current and reflect your name as insured. If not, a letter/policy will be needed from insurance agent stating you are covered. (plus 1 photocopy)
  12. Maps for addresses using P.O. Box or Routes (if applicable). (1 copy)
  13. TCOLE Peace Officer’s License or other state license (if applicable). (plus 2 photocopies)
  14. Peace Officer’s records (if applicable). (plus 2 photocopies)
  15. Credit Report from Credit Bureau Services. To obtain your credit report, submit the completed credit report request form a copy of your driver’s license, and $15.00 to Credit Bureau Services, either by mail or in person (if mailed, use a money order payable to Credit Bureau Services or if delivered in person, cash or credit cards are accepted). For more information, view the credit report request form or call Credit Bureau Services at (936) 756-7741 or toll free at 1-888-524-0574. You are required to deliver your sealed credit report IN PERSON to HPD Recruiting, (do not have it mailed to our offices). NO OTHER CREDIT BUREAU AGENCY REPORT WILL BE ACCEPTED. An additional credit report may be obtained for $2.00 from Credit Bureau Services. This will allow you to view your credit report and bring in any supporting documents or pay any items listed in collections, prior to scheduling a Phase 1 interview.
  16. Last 2 payroll checks. (plus 1 photocopy of each)
  17. Physical Agility Test Self-Evaluation Form
  18. Completed Personal History Statement  
  19. Printed receipt of the NeoGov City of Houston Application

Please bring all 19 original documents along with the number of copies as specified above.

Transripts: If a school that you attended will NOT provide you with a sealed original transcript, that transcript must be mailed to the following address…

Houston Police Department, Recruiting Unit
1200 Travis Street, 13th Floor
Houston, Texas 77002.