Specific Medical Guidelines

The COH/HPD adopts the current policy with the following additions:

  1. Vision - Must be correctable to 20/20 or better with uncorrected vision of 20/200 or better. Monocular vision is an automatic disqualifier.
  2. Color Vision - Applicant must be able to distinguish the full spectrum of color vision by passing the color vision test. Any applicant who completes the color vision test with two or more crossings in the same direction is automatically disqualified. The use of a X-Chrom contact lense(s), red filters or any other similar color vision correcting prosthetic device is not permitted.
  3. Hearing - Hearing levels should be tested from 500HZ to 6000HZ.
    Minimum hearing standards for applicants are generally concerned with hearing loss in the normal speech hearing frequencies (500, 1000, and 2000 HZ.).
    Pure tone hearing loss in the worst ear be no greater than the following:

    Frequency 500HZ 1000HZ 2000HZ 3000HZ
    Decibel     25db    25db     25db     35db 

    A loss of no greater than 30db at any one of the first three frequencies, and average of four frequencies no greater than 30db.
    Hearing aids: Candidates wearing hearing aids will be held to the same hearing acuity criteria as non-hearing aid users. Use of hearing aids to achieve such standards are permitted as long as they are self-contained and fit within (auricular) or behind or over (postauricular) the ear. Candidates with hearing aids shall at their own expense, provide evidence from a licensed audiologist, that such aid(s) meet the stipulated manufacturer’s standards.

  4. Seizure Disorder - Uncontrolled seizures of any kind are disqualifying. Applicants with a history of a seizure disorder must be able to control the disorder by medication, be seizure free for one year, and sign the Notification, Understanding and Commitment Agreement prior to consideration.

  5. Diabetes Mellitus - Insulin dependent diabetics who are subject to frequent or uncontrolled hypoglycemic episodes or ketoacidosis are disqualified.