US Military Veterans’ Info

The Houston Police Department appreciates and values the service performed by members of the United States military. If you have served at least 18 months of active duty in the US Armed Forces and received an honorable discharge, your 48 hour college requirement will be waived in accordance with TCOLE Peace Officer Minimum Standards. However, an honorable discharge is required. If you have received a general discharge under honorable conditions, you must possess 48 semester hours from an accredited college or university.

The Houston Police Department Training Academy is certified for full-time Veteran’s Administration Education Benefits. Military personnel who are eligible for G.I. Bill benefits may receive an additional educational stipend up to $1,600.00 per month from the Veteran’s Administration while being trained at the police academy.

You may visit the Department of Veterans Affairs site at to learn more about your G.I. Bill benefits. However, each candidate should not complete any forms/paperwork prior to attending the academy. All forms/paperwork will be completed with the Houston Police Department Veteran Affairs Certifying Official, who resides at the HPD Academy.  If any have any further questions please call (281) 230-2427.

The Houston Police Department is a proud participant in the Army PaYS (Partnership for Youth Success) and Warriors for Life. If you participated in the Army PaYS Program please review its eligibility requirements. For those marines and sailors interested in participating in the Warriors for Life, you may review its M4L Program information.